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The University of Sheffield, USFD

The University of Sheffield has a global reputation for both its teaching and research expertise. It is ranked 18th amongst European universities, out of more than 500 institutions surveyed. It is also one of the largest UK universities, with over 23000 students (5000 postgraduate) from over 120 countries and has over 5500 staff. In the latest national Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), 73% of our subject areas achieved the top two grades of 5 or 5*, placing us 6th in the UK and indicating research of international excellence. This compares with a national average of 39%. In teaching, the University is ranked 3rd in the UK for the number of subjects awarded “excellent” in the last national teaching quality assessment. The University has much experience in managing large European research projects. In the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programme, for example, it was involved in over 300 research projects spanning all thematic areas and horizontal activities.
The School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield was established in 1907 and it is widely recognised as one of the leading schools of architecture in the Europe. In the latest government assessments of education, the school was judged as a '5' in research and an 'excellent' in teaching. This is the highest level of achievement achieved by any UK School of Architecture. Our record in research over the past ten years is unmatched by any UK school.
The Acoustics Group led by Kang currently consists of over 10 researchers, including PhD research students and post-doctoral fellows, with various backgrounds including acoustics, physics, architecture and planning, sociology, computer science, civil engineering, landscape, and environmental science. Established in the 1960s, the Acoustics Group has a full set of acoustic laboratories and measurement equipment, including a semi-anechoic chamber for scale modelling, a large semi-anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber, a sound transmission suite, and various software packages for simulating indoor and outdoor acoustics. The research in the Group has recently been funded by a range of funding bodies including EPSRC, EU, Royal Society, British Academy, Nuffield Foundation, Hong Kong TDG, China natural Science Foundation, Acoustical Society of America, German Humboldt Foundation, and industry. The group has generated over 250 publications in the last ten years.

Involved People

Jian Kang
Yuliya Smyrnova
Hongseok Yang


School of Architecture
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN
The United Kingdom

TEL.: +44 114 2220325


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