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Ghent University, UGENT

Ghent University has more than 130 departments across 11 faculties, offering high-quality research-based educational programs in virtually every scientific discipline. Every year Ghent University issues more than 8,600 internationally recognized BachelorÕs diplomas, MasterÕs diplomas, post-graduate diplomas and approximately 430 doctoral degrees. As a result, the appeal of Ghent University as an institute of higher education is growing every year. The number of students choosing to attend the university has more than doubled in twenty years. Specific international programs such as Erasmus Mundus have also contributed to UGentÕs international reputation. Ghent University is continuously evolving in its role as an international partner.
Every year 800 students study abroad in the frame of an exchange program and UGent itself welcomes more than 3,800 foreign students (regular and exchange students). Next to excellent student facilities, Ghent University is proud of its distinctive and extensive library collection, which made its library one of the chosen partners in the Google Books Library Project. Not surprisingly, Ghent University consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, according to the Times Higher Education and ARWU rankings.

The Department of Information Technology is one the largest divisions of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, producing the highest level scientific output on all indicators. Over the last decades it has initiated several spin-off companies. The Department of Information Technology is affiliated to IMEC and iMinds, two of the most important government funded research institutes in Flanders, Belgium.

Within this department the Acoustics research group is a small but rapidly growing research unit. In 2012, it comprises 15 researchers (staff and Phd students). The research group is embedded in several international networks (COST, ITN, Erasmus) and research projects. Besides cutting edge academic research, a wide variety of courses are taught on many aspects of acoustics: environmental noise, audio-engineering, computational solutions for wave problems, physical acoustics, etc. In addition the Doctoral School in engineering offers specialized courses in many different fields that could be of use for achieving a high-level Phd.

Involved People

Dick Botteldooren
Timothy Van Renterghem
Bert De Coensel


Onderzoeksgroep Akoestiek
Vakgroep Informatietechnologie
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41
9000 Gent

TEL.: +32 9 264 99 68


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