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The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO

TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, is an independent public body research organization that was founded 1932 in response to the TNO law that was developed by the Dutch Government. The mission statement of TNO is: to apply scientific knowledge with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of industry and government. TNO harbors many different areas (e.g. public safety, defense, food, energy, healthy living), and main activities are research & development, and assistance of governmental bodies in policy matters.

TNO has been active in the field of environmental noise control and urban sound planning for many decades. The activities include model and measurement studies of environmental noise (traffic noise, aircraft noise, etc.) and the effects on people (annoyance, sleep disturbance, long term health effects).

An instrument developed by TNO called Urban Strategy has already been successfully applied to urban planning studies of cities in the Netherlands. An important element of the instrument is the 3D visualization of the city and the noise map. Urban Strategy is not restricted to noise, but also includes submodels for the calculation of maps of air quality and risk contours for external safety. In addition, submodels for environmental factors such asgreen space and neighborhood quality are currently under development.

TNO has two departments with experts on environmental noise and its effects on people. The department Urban Environment and Safety has experts on: noise exposure and noise mapping, health effects of noise (annoyance and sleep disturbance), air pollution, and sustainable urban development and health impact assessment. The Acoustics department has experts on: numerical modeling of atmospheric sound propagation, and noise monitoring in cities using sensor networks.

Involved People

Erik Salomons
Sabine Janssen
Frits van der Eerden


TEL.: +31 888668017


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