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Research project

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The project of Gemma Echevarria

One of the main environmental problems that significantly affect the quality of life of its citizens is the sound environment. Currently, the approach to reducing extensive mechanical and unwanted noise is mainly based on corrective methods that are applied ex post; when the problem already exists, but noise pollution in the city should also be dealt with preventive methods, implemented in urbanism and architecture.
Within the Sonorus Project, my research is involved in the improvement of urban sound environment at a low scale. This will be achieved by optimizing building typologies, targeted introduction of green, sound absorbing elements, and by audiovisual co-design. The latter includes increasing our knowledge on multisensory perception of the living environment.
The first item methodology to control urban noise through architectural design is analyzing the exact variations of sound pressure level due to geometry with a punctual sound source.
The second one is intended to reduce citizen's noise annoyance through the control of audio-visual perception. The influence of visual perception in sound sensation has already been proved. Therefore it is possible to develop urban strategies and architectural tools to reduce noise sense by controlling the perceptible features of urban landscape.


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