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Research project

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The project of Daniel Fernandez

When designing new urban projects, the direct opinion of the citizens is rarely requested. Besides, the acoustic requirements are often agreed just by accomplishing the correspondent normative. Even though these numerical limits can be a good reference, in order to achieve more realistic (and useful) assessments, we should take into account the particularities of each context, since our subjective perception of noise and sound is affected by other non-acoustic stimuli.

The goal of my project is to investigate these interactions, with view to develop a tool which considers such multi-sensory approach. By means of Immersive Virtual Reality and Auralization, the possible scenarios can be simulated, in which the subjects can provide their valuations along the tests. This tool could be used for further research in the topic and by public administrations, therefore allowing the population opinion to be part of the design process and thus achieving the consequent benefits for the city.


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