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Research project

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The project of Virginia Puyana Pomero

Within the SONORUS Project, my research has the aim to develop new approaches for the classification of urban historic areas based on subjective perception, expectation and emotional dimensions linked to environmental parameters.

It will be conducted through the involvement of people, by means of community based measurement techniques. The information obtain with the citizen participation will be useful to assess the social and psychological factors together with the environmental stimuli that influence the perception and emotional reaction of people in an urban context.

An important part of the investigation will be focus on the proposal of new perceptual dynamic maps (built up with a wider perspective than the traditional noise maps) for the multidimensional representation of historic urban areas. These maps will take into account other sources present in the cities rather than traffic or industries, and will consider the positive and restorative component of certain existing sound environments in a city.

The overall objective of this research project is to give policy makers a tool to identify and diagnose noise problem to take urban renewal decisions and to make more effective and sustainable projects.


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