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Research project

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The project of Raúl Pagán Muñoz

I am conducting my research within the project SONORUS "Numerical modelling for creating and preserving quietness near major roads in urban areas". The research focuses on a further development of numerical models to compute sound propagation in urban areas and to quantify the level differences between roadside and nearby noise-protected areas from a systematic study using the numerical methodologies developed in the first part. For the first part, a wave-based sound propagation model, the PseudoSpectral Time-Domain method (PSTD), is further developed to enable accurate wave-based modelling of urban sound propagation for the lower frequency range. This concerns the accurate modelling of frequency dependent boundary conditions by applying the recently developed technique of the Fourier continuation method to PSTD, as well as the hybrid Chebyshev-Fourier PSTD method. For the higher frequency range, the diffusion method will be implemented. These developments will be incorporated in the openPSTD software (www.openpstd.org) . The second part of the project is directed to using openPSTD to compute noise levels near busy roads to analyze in terms of level differences the following aspects: Building configuration strategy near roads: orientation, building dimension, street width; the influence of faŤade openings to roadside courtyards; the influence of green roofs, green faŤades and green faŤade openings. The results will lead to quantified recommendations for building configurations near busy road in order to create and preserve quietness.


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