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Holistic Approach

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Holistic Approach

In addition to the research themes the so-called Holistic Approach has a central function in the educational programme of SONORUS.

At first it aims to combine the different areas represented by the three themes together with their individual perspectives and potential measures. Since the results from applying the methods may influence each other and thus depend on each other, the related planning process is an iterative one by its very nature. For targeted designs and measures, a systematic planning process needs criteria and tools to provide guidance for decisions in the iterative planning process.

To be sure that any intervention in this process comes up with justifiable planning decisions and definitions, their implications to real case studies and test sites have to be evaluated and thoroughly verified. Therefore, these practice tests from working with test sites defined by the city partners
play a most important role when developing, testing and approving the results of emphasizing the holistic planning approach. In this way noise control measures, prediction methods and the soundscape approach can be put together in an optimal way.


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