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Müller-BBM, MBBM

Established in Munich in 1962, Müller-BBM is presently one of the leading German consulting engineering companies in the areas of noise control, vibrations, room and building acoustics, thermal building physics, air quality control, electromagnetic environmental compatibility and fire protection. Müller-BBM GmbH belongs to the Müller-BBM association of companies, in which engineering companies and companies for special technical products are combined. The work of Müller-BBM GmbH and the other engineering companies consists in scientific and technical consultancy, measurements as well as in research and development.

Associated with them, but legally independent, are companies which develop, produce and sale software, measurement systems and other special technical products. Müller-BBM has a quality management system in place according to DIN EN ISO 9001. It covers all activities at each of our locations.

Müller-BBM was general contractor of the research project "Influence of the road surface texture on the tyre/road noise", carried out for the Federal Highway Research Institute of Germany (BASt) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport of Germany (1997-2000). It is also leader of three sub-projects within the running German joint research project "quiet road traffic and reduced tyre/road noise".

Involved People

Beate Altreuther
Thomas Beckenbauer
Joachim Scheuren


Department Technology
Robert-Koch-Straße 11
Müller-BBM GmbH

TEL.: +49-89-85602-273


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