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Main Objectives and their implementation




Main Objectives and Implementation

The main objectives of SONORUS are:

  • To conduct a research programme that addresses the key issues of modern urban planning with the goal of achieving a good acoustic
  • To implement a holistic approach to the planning of acoustic environments including diverse areas such as city planning, traffic
  • To enhance the European knowledge economy by providing trained and mobile researchers equipped with the skills necessary to create a

To achieve these main objectives six themes have been defined in which training in the form of research, courses, seminars, etc. will take place.

The structure is explained in the figure below.

The contents of the themes can be briefly described as:
Theme 1 - Planning Skills: Supplying the required knowledge on city planning, traffic planning as well as cost benefit calculations.

Theme 2 - Public Outreach Skills: Training of communication skills as well as developing tools (e.g. such as auralisation and visualisation tools) to enhance
communication between traditionally diverse groups such as engineers, city planners, and architects. Introduction to project management, teambuilding and leadership.

Theme 3 - Prediction methods: Providing the access to state-of-art prediction methods beyond today's engineering practise. The methods are especially important for
quiet areas such as in inner yards or areas far away from main roads.

Theme 4 - Soundscaping: Establishing newly emerged evaluation and design methods for the acoustic environment based on the perception of people living in these
environments as standard working tools.

Theme 5 - Noise control engineering: Introducing currently available tools for control of noise from road and rail transportation.
Extending these tools to more efficient and environmentally friendly implementations.

Theme 6 - Holistic approach: Searching for optimal solutions by combining the different tools contained in themes 1-5 in order to achieve a long
term and overall improvement of the acoustic environment. This will be implemented at test sites selected by the city partners.


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