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Main Objectives and their implementation




Final Conference in Munich

October 11,2016 Meeting with EuroCities and final meeting.


Poster session for SONORUS.

Summer school in Auralisation and Visualisation

takes place in Göteborg, October 12-16 2015.
%Information can be downloaded here.

Summer school in Computational Soundscape Analysis

takes place in Sorrento, April 13-17 2015.
Information can be downloaded here.

Summer school in Noise Control

takes place in Eindhoven, May 7-9 2014.
Information can be downloaded here.

First Research Meeting

takes place in Gent, November 4-8
in combination with a course on Urban Sound Propagatation.
A flyer can be downloaded here.

You can also download the overview over the here content of the course.

Second meeting SONORUS

takes place in Göteborg, April 24-25 2013.

Kick-off meeting SONORUS

The Kick-off meeting of the SONORUS project took place in Göteborg, October 23-24 2012.


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