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Empa is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development within the ETH Domain. EmpaÕs research and development activities are oriented to meeting the requirements of in-dustry and the needs of our society, and link together applications-oriented research and the practical implementation of new ideas, science and industry, and science and society. Research is organized in four De-partments: Advanced Materials and Surfaces, Civil and Mechanical engineer-ing, Materials meet Life and Mobility, Energy and Environment.

The Acoustics / Noise Control Lab is headed by Kurt Eggenschwiler and counts 10 researchers, including PhD students, PostDocs and technical staff. The goals of the laboratory are research and development and and transfer of knowledge in acoustics, particularly with respect to noise abatement in Switzerland. In the area of building acoustics the technical fundamentals of noise abatement in structures is set forth and demanding investigations are undertaken toward promoting high living quality and well-being. In environmental acoustics calculation models and measurement procedures for outdoor sound propagation are developed with the aircraft noise model FLULA as current focal point. The Lab possesses an anechoic and a semi-anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber and several test stands for the investigation of sound transmission loss of structures. Several staff members are teaching Acoustics, Noise Control and Room Acoustics at ETH-Zurich.

Involved People

Kurt Heutschi
Beat Schäffer
Kurt Eggenschwiler


TEL.: +41 58 765 4743


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