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Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Chalmers

The Department of Applied Acoustics belongs to the School of Civil Engineering of Chalmers, University of Technology. The regular staff at the Department of Applied Acoustics comprises 3 professors, 2 adjunct professor, 4 senior researchers, 12 Ph.D. students, and 2 administrative and technical staff members. The research activities cover the fields of structure-borne sound in buildings, ships and vehicles; noise control engineering; building acoustics (including room acoustics with psychoacoustics); and sound propagation outdoors.
The group led by prof. Wolfgang Kropp has a strong focus on road traffic noise with leading competence in the field of tyre/road noise modelling and modelling of sound propagation in urban environments.
The group has coordinated the EC projects RATIN (strong focus on the modelling of tyre/road noise) and ITARI (noise, rolling resistance and grip of road surfaces) and participated in IP project SILENCE and as well as in the coordinated action project CANTOR. The group is also member of the SPERoN consortium and participated in The Dutch Noise Innovation Programme (Innovatie Programma Geluid - IPG). There we contributed to noise prediction tools for road surfaces applicable by road engineers.

On a national level the group hosted an eight year project on "Soundscape Support to Health" financed by the Swedish "Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research".
This project focused strongly on the use of silent sides in urban areas in order to reduce the negative effects of road traffic noise. Since 1996 the group has continuous financialsupport from the Swedish Research Council for basic research in the field of tyre/road noise.

Involved People

Wolfgang Kropp
Jens Forssén
Joachim Scheuren


Division of Applied Acoustics
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-41296 Gothenburg

TEL.: +46-(0)31-772 2204
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