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Gemma Echevarria

I was born and raised in the capital of Spain, Madrid.
I obtained my Master Degree in architecture at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), and since then I’ve been developing my profession as an architect in several architecture companies in Madrid and Rome.
I have always been in touch with music. I have studied piano at the Music Conservatory for ten years, and recently studied lyrical singing.
My passion for music motivated me to understand how sound behaves in architectural space and I decided to enroll in the Master Program of Acoustic Engineering in Building and Environment at the EUITT (UPM)
I realized the serious distance between acoustics and urbanism, and the unawareness of the impact that urban decisions have on urban sound environment. Therefore my Master Thesis was about noise propagation in several streets of Madrid taking into account canyon geometry. The results were presented at the VIII Iberoamerican Congress of Acoustics "Tecniacustica 2012" where I received a grant, and won the Spanish Society of Acoustics 2012 award for the best Master Thesis in Engineering Acoustics. I continued the research encouraged by the Research Group of Architectural Acoustics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
I am currently involved in the Sonorus project researching solutions for improving urban sound environments taking into account urban geometry at low scale and audio-visual interaction. Additionally, I am pursuing my PhD in Acoustics at Ghent University.


Acoustics group. Department of Information Technology INTEC. Ghent University. Sint Pietersnieuwstraat, 41 9000 Ghent, Belgium



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