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Stathis Margaritis

I was born and raised in Athens, the capital of Greece, where direct democracy was invented more than 2,400 years ago. In 2007, I received my first degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Thessaly. My interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) motivated me to attend the MasterÕs Degree Program of Geoinformatics during the period of 2007-2009 at the National and Technical University of Athens, emphasizing more on spatial analysis, neighbourhood accessibility and spatial autocorrelation issues. Generally I enjoy applying GIS tools in order to create maps and discover new spatial relationships in micro or macro scale. In the field of urban planning I had the unique opportunity to use my background knowledge, working as a Special Advisor on the Structure Plan of Athens in the Ministry of Infrastructure.
Afterwards, I decided to concentrate on the research field by keeping on with my PhD, conducted in the laboratory of Geography and Spatial Analysis. Hopefully, I will have finished it by 2016 enriched with the research results achieved in the field of urban sound planning. Currently, the theme of investigation as a SONORUS member is the effect of vegetation in noise reduction in high-density urban areas.
In my free time I enjoy practising pistol shooting (member of the Greek National Shooting Team, 2009), playing basketball and investing time in true relationships. Finally, after a short period of adjustment, I now believe that Sheffield is a unique place to live, work and study.


Acoustic Group - School of Architecture
University of Sheffield, Arts Tower
Western Bank, Arts Tower
Sheffield S10 2TN - UK



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