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Francesco Aletta

I was born and raised in one of the most controversial cities of the modern world, Naples. I graduated (Master Degree) in Architecture in 2010 at the Second University of Naples; during my education years I also spent six months in the Escuela Politecnica Superior of the San Pablo-CEU University of Madrid (2007) under the Erasmus Programme. In 2011 I started my PhD at the Second University of Naples where I developed my interest for soundscape and the use of Virtual Reality techniques for sound perception. I also worked as a freelance professional for both private and public customers (Monumental Building Office of the Municipality of Naples, Mathematics and Physics Department of the Second University of Naples). In 2011 one of my studies was awarded as Best Phd Student Presentation by the Togliatti State University (Togliatti, Russia) within an International Conference. I have published some papers for national and international conferences and journals, but I keep working because time flies and good results donÕt grow on trees! Even if I am working in Sheffield for the Sonorus Project, in this moment I am the National Representative for my country (Italy) of the Young Acoustician Network within the European Acoustics Association (EAA).


University of Sheffield Western Bank, Arts Tower Sheffield S10 2TN Ð UK



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