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I was born in Ningbo, China, and spent the first 19 years of my life there. Had the Geography Department of Beijing Normal University been open to applicants from my hometown province at the year of 2006 I would probably end up working in the field of geography now. I turned to study Urban Planning in Tianjin University so I did not went too far from my initial interest. I was actually very happy with my choice then and had some chances to work on both urban design and town planning projects at the later stage of my undergraduate study. Planners really need to be versatile, but I also wanted to develop some expertise and go deeper. I started my PhD in Sheffield in 2011, working on audio-visual interaction of traffic noise and visual intrusion of motorways. I was more experienced with GIS, 3D modelling, landscape assessment etc. for the visual part of the work, knowledge on acoustics was relatively new to me in the beginning, but as a person who is unreasonably sensitive to noise for sleep, I was (and still am) very motivated to learn and progressed well. Now I am involved in the Sonorus project in Department of Architecture and Industrial Design of the Second University of Napoli and my work is on the development of new methodologies for the noise assessment of urban projects via multi-sensory approaches. More challenges and more to learn. After work, I enjoy playing tennis. It is a good way to relax and socialise with local people. Sometimes it is also like some mental training as one really needs to be mentally tough for matches especially for those of which the scores will be put onto the club notice board. A bonus of being in Italy is that the clay courts here are slightly more friendly to my forever-injured left knee.


Built Environment Control Laboratory_RiAS
Department of Architecture and Industrial Design "Luigi Vanvitelli"
Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli
Abazia di S.Lorenzo Ad Septimum,
81031 Aversa (Ce), Italy



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