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Virginia Puyana Pomero

I was born in Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), a small city in the south west of Spain, where I have lived most of my life.
After obtaining the Master Degree in Architecture at the University of Seville, my professional career was linked to edification and urban planning. I collaborated with several architectural studios as a consultant freelance. I also worked for the Building Permits Department of the Municipality of Puerto de Santa Maria, and developed projects of urban renewal for the Provincial Council of Cadiz.
I decided to direct my career towards the world of acoustics, and in 2012 I finished a Master Degree in Acoustic Engineering at the University of Cadiz. I took part of the working group of the Acoustics Engineering Laboratory (University of Cadiz) that built up Cadiz Strategic Noise map, developing the traffic model simulation. I kept on collaborating with them till I join SONORUS Project in July of 2013. Now, I am starting a PHD in built environmental control at the Second University of Naples.


Built Environment Control Laboratory_RiAS
Department of Architecture and Industrial Design "Luigi Vanvitelli"
Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli
Abazia di S.Lorenzo Ad Septimum,
81031 Aversa (Ce), Italy



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