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Mercury Kountouras

I come from Greece. I was born in the historic and biblical city of Thessaloniki, located in the region of Macedonia, northern Greece. I was raised in Katerini, a town situated at the foot of the famous mount Olympus.
After my graduation from the University of South Bank, London, UK with a M.Sc. degree in Environmental and Architectural Acoustics, I initiated my professional career as an acoustics lecturer, teaching groups of students of three academic levels at private educational institutions in Thessaloniki. In continuation, I have been increasingly active in the Ôsound and vibration measurementÕ market in Greece through two companies: since 2007, I have been an environmental noise and vibration specialist, high level sales / technical support consultant for a distribution company focusing on the procurement of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation to the public and private sector. Moreover, since 2009, I have been directing a company that focuses on the provision of acoustic consultancy services for environmental, architectural and industrial applications. A recent independent and self-funded research on the acoustics of the legendary ancient theatre of Epidaurus, which had as a result my first scientific publication, reveals my strong research interests that I am now looking forward to further pursue, through the achievement of SONORUS research objectives.


Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
Via Vitaliano Brancati, 48
00144 Rome

E-MAIL: mercury.kountouras@gmail.com



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