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Sonia Alves

I come from Portugal, from a city by the sea near Oporto called Póova de Varzim. My backgrounds are Applied Mathematics and Business Management. I have dedicated some years of my professional life to quality management systems and later I was invited to work at an accredited acoustic laboratory (ISO 17025) as quality manager. Acoustics sparked my interest and I attended several short-courses in environmental acoustics, building and room acoustics, occupational noise exposure and auralisation. Later I had the opportunity to become both technical director and associate of the Acoustic Laboratory. For these new positions I needed a more advance training in Acoustics, so I decided to pursuit a Master of Science in Environmental Acoustics. The acoustics department of the University of Salford is recognized as an excellent research centre and I applied to the Environmental Acoustics MSc. My dissertation project "A revision of the Uncertainty Guide for Environmental Noise Measurements", implied research about noise descriptors and environmental noise measurement methodologies associated with traffic and railway noise.
Research was always an objective and Environmental Acoustics is a passion, SONORUS combines both. I hope to be able to contribute to improve the acoustic outdoor environment in urban areas. My individual research project consists of: carrying out a comprehensive research and critical analysis on the state-of-art process of planning urban sound environments with particular emphasis on the spectrum of noise control technologies. The potential of including all related elements and tools of sound urban planning at an early planning state will also be investigated. Develop a holistic approach to the complex problem of sound urban planning relating all the research fragments and apply them into real life achieving a good acoustic environment, is the most ambitious milestone.

Besides my son, my next passion is the SEA. Sailing is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had which is hard to describe with words: just put the sails up and go with the wind, with the beautiful sound of the waves and nothing else! (The best soundscape☺) I also enjoy scuba diving and the quietness associated with it. Besides the sea, I also like to take long walks or biking at German parks.


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