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Georgios Zachos

Originated from Greece, I was still really curious on how the materialistic world works at the end of my -teens. While the physics BSc degree at the University of Ioannina, Greece, has partially fulfilled this curiousness, along the way and in between my part time studies, working and social activities (sometimes a bit too much), other more mental parameters squeezed their way in. Music being one of them, when I graduated in 2011 I tried to find a way to bridge my studies on the physical representations, with our environmental stimuli and especially the auditory ones. As a result, I graduated from the acoustics engineering MSc programme of University of Salford, UK, in 2013.
Without any time gaps and as a continuation of my pursuits, my PhD studies commenced at the applied acoustics department of Chalmers University in Gšteborg, Sweden by joining the SONORUS project, offering grounds to achieve a golden ratio between research, and activities that had to be dropped during the last years.


Division of Applied Acoustics
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-41296 Gothenburg

Tel.: +46-(0)31-772 2206


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